Sharpham Soundtrack

Soundtrack to timelapse photography around Sharpham Estate

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Episode 2,  8pm GMT , Thursday 11th November 2010

Soundart Radio 102.5fm South Devon or streamed internationally on

Alternatively the series is archived here:
Welcome to a season of 30min Sharpham Sounds programmes broadcast on Soundart Radio community radio throughout Autumn/Winter 2010

Sharpham Sounds documents the audible exploits of a community engaged wildlife conservation project run from Sharpham estate near tones in South Devon UK.

The project is overseen by the Igomango Trust, a charity who provide support for volunteers working locally with environmental organisations on an international basis.

The Sounds you will hear comprise of a variety of situations around Sharpham and other local projects, including ambient environmental soundscapes, interviews with NGOs and practical wildlife conservation tasks.

Further information about the Sharpham Sounds project along with a free archive of the material, can be accessed at

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Zala County Chorus Episodes 1-6 & 45min Selection Available Online Free!

Zala County Chorus on Soundart Radio 102.5fm and


Follow the link:

Simply listen to an episode online or download by right-clicking and choosing ‘save-as’ on the MP3s in the column at the bottom of the page.

Zala county chorus was a 6 part radio programme broadcast through Soundart Radio in Devon from May to July 2010. It documented the sounds from a wildlife conservation project, with 3 British volunteers working with the Barn Owl Foundation of the Zala region of rural western Hungary

The programme was developed through a similar project called Sharpham Sounds which captured the audio of an innovative environmental project called Igomango, run from the Sharpham estate in south Devon.

Zala County Chorus was a fortnightly pre-recorded broadcast sent via the internet from Hungary to Britain and was designed to compare the wildlife and cultural experiences of volunteers in both countries.

An ongoing volunteer project between the two countries is funded by the Leonardo da Vinci European Mobility scheme and is made possible by the involvement of Ambios Ltd Uk , Gyöngybagolyvédelmi Alapítvány (The Hungarian Barn Owl Foundation) and the Barn Owl Trust of Devon.

Why not get involved? To make a response or reply, add to or criticise an episode, log on to and post your comments online.

The entire series, including a 45 min selection, is now available to listen to online or download for free.

A big thank you to everyone involved in the project.


Happy Listening.

Useful links:


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Hydrophone Salt Marsh Exercise

The Salt Marshes on the Sharpham estate, as well as a host of wildlife, are home to some incredible geological and geographical things. One of these occurrences is a strange and vigorous up-welling of gas that erupts in fountains of bubbles along the banks of the marsh, exclusively at high tide.

A hydrophone is a microphone that works underwater, and using this delicate piece of equipment Sharpham Sounds has been able to capture the sounds of the these bubbles as they rush through the liquid above them.

Please follow the link below and play through the files on the  page that opens:

Hydrophone Wikipedia article:

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Bird Call Identification and Sound Recording Workshop

The IgoMANGO project at Sharpham invites groups of volunteers from local communities to experience environmental and wildlife conservation through educational workshops. One of these groups is The Prince’s Trust, who provide an important service for out of work 16-25 year olds who volunteer on a weekly basis.

In mid April 2010, Sharpham Sounds delivered a workshop in Bird Call identification, using a hand held sound recorder to go out a record and identify the sounds of birds along a woodland pathway.  The event was a great success and owed a lot of thanks to Nick, who lent his expert ear to help identify the calls.

Please follow the link below and play through the 10 sound files from this event:

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Mink Raft Installation

A Mink Raft is a floating device that is used to determine the presence of mink in a certain area.

Click the link below to hear a short, informal interview with one of the Sharpham Volunteers who has been successfully using the raft to prove this existence of aquatic  mammals along the estuary of the river Dart:

Otter spraint has since been discovered on top of this raft which instantly and excitingly proves their existence on the Sharpham estate.

This is important volunteer- led research that can lead to more comprehensive conservation projects in the future

Some further Reading:


Eurasian Otter:

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Suspected Tawny Owl

Late at night on the Sharpham Estate these shrill shrieks are heard between the dark and menacing trees:

-Click play after following the link.

By recording these calls and comparing to a pre-recorded archive it was determined as the  call of the adult female Tawny Owl. If you listen to this noisy recording very carefully you can just about here another female, and the classic  ‘t-wit t-woo’ of the male i nthe background .

Check out the Wikipedia article on Tawny Owls for some further reading:

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