Zala County Chorus Episodes 1-6 & 45min Selection Available Online Free!

Zala County Chorus on Soundart Radio 102.5fm and


Follow the link:

Simply listen to an episode online or download by right-clicking and choosing ‘save-as’ on the MP3s in the column at the bottom of the page.

Zala county chorus was a 6 part radio programme broadcast through Soundart Radio in Devon from May to July 2010. It documented the sounds from a wildlife conservation project, with 3 British volunteers working with the Barn Owl Foundation of the Zala region of rural western Hungary

The programme was developed through a similar project called Sharpham Sounds which captured the audio of an innovative environmental project called Igomango, run from the Sharpham estate in south Devon.

Zala County Chorus was a fortnightly pre-recorded broadcast sent via the internet from Hungary to Britain and was designed to compare the wildlife and cultural experiences of volunteers in both countries.

An ongoing volunteer project between the two countries is funded by the Leonardo da Vinci European Mobility scheme and is made possible by the involvement of Ambios Ltd Uk , Gyöngybagolyvédelmi Alapítvány (The Hungarian Barn Owl Foundation) and the Barn Owl Trust of Devon.

Why not get involved? To make a response or reply, add to or criticise an episode, log on to and post your comments online.

The entire series, including a 45 min selection, is now available to listen to online or download for free.

A big thank you to everyone involved in the project.


Happy Listening.

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