Suspected Tawny Owl

Late at night on the Sharpham Estate these shrill shrieks are heard between the dark and menacing trees:

-Click play after following the link.

By recording these calls and comparing to a pre-recorded archive it was determined as the  call of the adult female Tawny Owl. If you listen to this noisy recording very carefully you can just about here another female, and the classic  ‘t-wit t-woo’ of the male i nthe background .

Check out the Wikipedia article on Tawny Owls for some further reading:

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3 Responses to Suspected Tawny Owl

  1. romillyh says:

    Not begging calls (i.e. chicks). The main call heard is an adult female, with another adult female further off. Much further off there’s a male, but it’s not clear if he’s “responding”, as suggested here.

  2. romillyh says:

    btw, link for the audio is bad. Correct link is


  3. Thanks for the correction. The software that was used to determine the call was ‘British Birds’ that suggested this was the begging call.

    I will update the post with your useful comments

    Thanks a lot

    correct link is:

    and has been updated on post

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